I like a song enough to figure out the chords and lyrics

Bangla Song Index, Sorted Alphabetically: This is an index of Hindi songs on Desi Chords. I use the Roman script to type out Hindi lyrics since I lack the expertise to type in Hindi. The original scale of every song is indicated below it. Songs that have been checked for errors (reasonably) have been marked with a hindi chords. Still, no assurance of accuracy or prefect depiction of chords and tabs can be given.

This song appeared twice in the same week on my feed, so I thought I’d add it to this Songbook. Nice easy chords you can play, with or without a Capo – though a Capo sounds better. It’s a longer playing song than most, but enjoy… What’s not to like about this song?
A work colleague played this song for me on her device and I thought it would be good to have a crack at playing “Stay With Me” on guitar. So, why not share the effort with other guitar players looking to learn it as well…
Two options for you here – one without Capo and the other with Capo on 5.

Enter Mr Ed Sheeran – awesome talent.
I’ve never quite been able to get a handle on his songs. Usually when I get asked – or decide I like a song enough to figure out the chords and lyrics – I do so. The whole process goes something like this:
1) Hear a song –  on the radio mostly – or someone asks if I’ve heard a particular song that they like
2) If I enjoy the song enough to want to play it with my guitar – buy the single online – or the CD
3) Put said song on my phone – earphones in – and start writing down the lyrics as I hear them WHY?! – it’s just my way of learning the lyrics. Pause/write/rewind/listen/pause/rewind/write…
4) Start playing along with my guitar to match the song I’m hearing – (no mean feat when I haven’t studied music) but I enjoy figuring stuff out.
5) Share my effort.
Sure, there are easier ways to get chords and lyrics these days, but this way works for me

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